Kindling is an immersive theatrical experience, in which you will assume a role of a resident of Davis Square, a Boston subway station turned settlement and community after the disastrous yet long overdue eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano. You can discover more of the world here . Feel free to prepare light costuming for the event if you wish, however, it is not required. Over the course of the afternoon, you will participate in a workshop to prepare you for the experience, then dive deep into Kindling with your fellow citizens, then close with a debrief. Your character sheet will be provided to you at the beginning of the game based on the feedback you provide upon entering.

Some of the themes covered in this experience include: the hardships of survival in a post-apocalyptic world, humanity and morality versus survival, protection of loved ones, accepting the rules versus rebellion, starvation, and possibly death. 



Due to the nature of Kindling, we cannot provide refunds, however, if you find a friend to take your place and present your ticket, we'll be happy to accept them (please make sure they are aware of the policies/expectations and are over 21). Please notify us as soon as possible about any such changes.  

The experience will begin at 2 pm sharp, please arrive 10 minutes early to receive your character sheet and to sign the liability waiver. 



Sexual Harassment

Immersive experiences such as Kindling often encourage participants to engage in role-playing and portray characters who are sometimes in a conflict or in a romantic relationship with one another. To ensure this is done in a safe and welcoming manner, we employ the mechanics of consent and absolutely prohibit any bullying behavior directed at other players. We will cover these simple mechanics in the introductory workshop before Kindling begins to ensure everyone is clear on the rules and has an opportunity to ask questions. 


Hanging Lantern has a zero-tolerance bullying policy and violators will be asked to leave the experience and will be banned from all future events.


Our events are a safe place for everyone. No discrimination or harassment of any kind will be tolerated at our events. Each person is responsible for their own actions and will be held accountable for them. With this in mind, we created the following Code of Conduct: 

NOTE: Staff is a blanket term for anyone associated with Hanging Lantern. These people will be clearly identifiable during each event and will be able to direct players to the Safety Coordinator, who will be the chief point of contact for any safety related issues. 

  1. Each person's body is their own. Any contact must be politely requested (in game or out), and respected if denied. Anyone can call "BREAK" at any point to disengage from the interaction and expect the initiator to remove themselves from the situation. After that, assistance can be requested from the staff. 

  2. "BREAK" can be called at any time for any reason. If someone calls "BREAK", they can explain their reasons or not, and exit the situation safely without any justification required. IF any follow-up is needed, contact the staff.  

  3. Consent must be freely given, vocalized, and considered inviolable. If any doubt exists, players are responsible for clearly requesting consent from other players and can break character to do so. 

  4. Clear statements of themes and contact expectations will be made before each event so the players can choose to participate or not, and mechanics for opting out of any situations deemed uncomfortable will be provided. All players are responsible for voicing their reservations as soon as possible and notifying the staff if they need to exit the event/take a break. 

  5. Any violations of this code will be discussed/followed up upon after the event and reported to the authorities if deemed necessary. 

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, please contact us at hello@hanginglantern.com

We endorse our players behaving according to the 20 Statements of Support for Community Safety: 

  1. I will give a clear and honest “yes, please” or “no, thank you” when I am asked for my consent, and negotiate more specifics if I feel they are needed. 

  2. I will respect the boundaries another person sets and accept that my boundaries may be different from someone else’s. 

  3. I will not touch another participant in-game or off-game, without their consent. 

  4. I will not tease, gossip about, ostracize, or retaliate against someone who has set a consent boundary. 

  5. I will recognize that my life experience differs from another person’s experience, and that they may make different decisions than I would as a result. 

  6. I will accept another person’s decision about or expression of their comfort or safety as valid. 

  7. I will support those who have come forward with a report of harassment, abuse, or assault by listening, trusting their experience, and offering my assistance. 

  8. I recognize that I may harm another community member, whether I intend to do so or not, and that my behavior is my responsibility. 

  9. If I am informed that I have harmed someone, I will reflect on my own behavior and seek to change it. 

  10. I will not deflect, blame, or become defensive if I am informed that I have harmed someone. 

  11. I will confront another community member if I witness them behaving in a manner that is against our community’s Code of Conduct. 

  12. I will ask other community members about their well-being if I observe them being sad, distraught, angry, unusually quiet, or otherwise upset. 

  13. I recognize that some people have invisible mental or physical disabilities that affect their experience. 

  14. I will not continue a behavior that I have been asked to stop. 

  15. I will not use alcohol as an excuse for my poor behavior towards another. 

  16. I will not use the alibi of role play to harm another player. 

  17. For character-to-character interactions involving sexuality, romance, or violence, I will negotiate consent with the other player either before or during the event. 

  18. I will not force my feelings, ideas, or desires upon another community member. 

  19. I will not use my size, voice, body, or power to deprive another community member of their autonomy or consent. 

  20. I will be an ally of victims, an advocate for respectful behavior, and a voice for those who are unable to come forward themselves.