The Catastrophe

When Yellowstone's super volcano finally erupted, it evaporated most of the North America.  What was left was buried under ash and debris.  Those left on the coast either fled across the globe or went underground into shelters or subway stations.  Davis Square, our home, is one of the surviving subway communities.  Hundreds of years after the catastrophe, our ancestors found safety underground. 

The Ascendancy

The protectors of humanity, the Ascendancy, was born from the ashes of the catastrophe.  When times were at their darkest, crisis teams mobilized to provide aide to the locals.  They were the heroes that provided shelter and nourishment.  Now they also provide morale guidance and security.  They protect Davis Square and the other subway communities from bandits, rogues, and worst of all, witches.


The Malleus Maleficarum

The book of our ancestors that finally shed light on what caused the catastrophe.  The witches.  No one knows why they did it, but the book helped us learn how.  The witches draw power from an un earthly source and are capable of super human feats.  The book also taught us how to identify those who would try to harm us again in the future.



The only known copy of the book is protected in the Sanctuary of the Ascended, but they spread the teachings of it throughout the surviving communities.  We will follow it’s guidance and never allow the catastrophe to befall us again.



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